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Introduction to the Observatory Project

Welcome to the Townsville Astronomy Group Project. This endeavour was born out of the announcement in 2012 that James Cook University was to close its Astronomy Faculty.

There were a number of reasons given but prime was that it was uneconomic. TAG takes the view that economics in science is secondary to the pursuit of knowledge and to that end we have decided that we need to keep local interest in Astronomy alive and to maintain an astronomical presence on the North Queensland.

Our objective is simple – North Queensland needs an observatory complex both as an educational duty and as a tourist attraction – both of these will contribute locally and will develop our regions profile as an active a forwarding thinking community. The achievement however will not be simple, nor will it be easy or quick but it can be done and I urge anyone reading this to consider joining us in this very worthwhile pursuit. It is a good thing to do and it should be done

D. Price