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We've all been there - got the lovely new telescope or bought one for the youngsters. Now, how do I use the thing?  Or even if you are thinking of buying one - come to us and avoid some of the pitfalls when buying your first scope.

So when you hear..

"Dad - its all upside down!!"  

" I can't find a thing! " 

"Mum, it's all blurry" 

 No problem! - we're not from the government and we ARE here to help. 

The Club is putting together an extensive beginners course probably starting May this year. The course will run over 6 weeks and cover both theory and practical. It is an introduction only and wide ranging,  the idea being to introduce folks to as many aspects pf the interest that we can. There will be a reference book supplied and club telescopes avaible also. Club membership for each attendee is included in the price - current members wil have the appropriate deduction made. This course is for adults only.

Course costs yet to be defined but expected to be around 150 covering materials and other expenses - the club is non profit and we will not be making money on these courses; rather we want to give a quality product that will encourage folks into the hobby

A course for families is also under development = more to come