The Mystery of Our Universe

The Mystery of Our Universe

Questions abound regards its origin and most of them remain unanswered at least with any clarity or in a way that would make sense to the ordinary person.

Questions abound regards its origin and most of them remain unanswered at least with any clarity or in a way that would make sense to the ordinary person.  The dedicated stargazer at least starts to achieve some albeit, minor understanding of the vastness of what lies outside our super delicate atmosphere.  In our small way with our study of the closer galaxies and nebulae we begin to understand how stars and planets in all their many and varied forms come to exist and for how long they endure in the hostile environment in which they spend their long lonesome lives.

In comparison if indeed one can be made in this case we the human race have been in existence for less than a blink in time and there is every chance that we won’t make it for as long as the shortest lived one of the abovementioned stars or their remains (the nebula) which I might add is one of our main targets to view at this point.

We will not get to go on if we don’t get our act together and do something about race consolidation.  We all look remarkably similar but that seems to be where it ends.  We don’t seem to like each other very much (everyone needs to watch the movie ‘Ants’).

In the distant past the indigenous folk of our great land Australia believed in the ‘Dreamtime’ and the ‘Rainbow Serpent’ much the same as the Red Indian of the America’s believed in the ‘Rainbow Spider’ – The Rainbow itself – The Spiral or Circle without end and also most importantly and entity they termed ‘The Mystery’.  The ‘Mystery’ certainly does it for me, for if what happened way back at the beginning of the universe is not a mystery, what is it?

The so-called ‘Big Bang’ and man, is that not an unfortunate name for it!  There is no sound in outer space or even in space closer to us (at least not as most understand sound).  So big it was but ‘Bang’ it was not, what was it then?  We know that all the matter in the Universe as we know it suddenly came to be (everything starts somewhere).  How long that took seems to be unknown at least to stargazers with our level of understanding.  There was a period of around 4-5 hundred million years or so where not much happened at all, perhaps some slow but limited expansion caused by the issuing forth of the sub-atomic material in the first place (gas and dust I guess).  The area (if one can call it that) was absolutely black and cold beyond simple understanding until those first, very large but reasonably short lived Population 111 Stars burst into life, lighting the place up and forcing all the left over matter to expand even further to form clouds of gas which in turn collapsed to form even more stars and so on toward what we know today.  Over simplified but close enough for this exercise, eh!

So, if the dark matter that has our best minds struggling to understand its place in the scheme of things, does not react to the passing of normal matter (also I think called Baryonic Matter) propelled by supernova blast etc.  How does it move about – does it move at all?  How did it get into the Universe in the first place?  I would guess that seeing as how massive dark holes formed soon after the ‘Big Bang’ presumably with the implosion of some of those massive Population 111 Stars (or first stars) that it existed in some form pre-‘Big Bang’ (dark matter that is).  A black hole in that case only consumes ‘normal’ matter not dark matter so was there a time before ours where black holes grew to enormous sizes such as billions of billions of solar masses or larger and was it simply (for want of a better word) one of these monsters reaching the end of its days and giving back (so to speak) what it had taken or drawn in over eons before hand into a universe already flooded or occupied by dark matter.  Hey, the mystery isn’t hard to see, is it?

I guess that a simple stargazer such as I had best leave that ‘heavy stuff’ to the ‘Big Boys and Girls’ but that is not going to help me when in the dead of night I find myself once again with my eye glued to the eye-piece of my trusty telescope marvelling at a nebula or galaxy far in the distance and wondering from whence it came and how it formed in the first place.  Where will all that material end up?  We know that galaxies merge and indeed we can witness that very act in progress in objects such as NGC4038/9 in Corvus.  This merging of galaxies is not an isolated incident in fact it is rather common in the wider universe.

There is also small ‘Dark Matter’ rich galaxies where all or at least most of the available ordinary matter has been used up or dispersed leaving behind an abundance of dark matter and no new stars being born.  Merging will also take place between the Magelanic Clouds and the Milky Way (our home galaxy) and in a couple of billion years the Milky Way will merge with our very large neighbour ‘Andromeada’ and then onto the rest of the local group of galaxies until we have only one super galaxy in our area to wander off and join with another super galaxy until there really is only one (1) left, what then?  Does it collapse and give us the ‘Big Bang’ we so love to talk about all over again???  More of that ‘Mystery’ eh!

I realize there are many very learned people out there working on this very topic but will ‘we’ ever know or will it always remain unanswered.

I reckon I and indeed we, can get on with our lives content in the knowledge that none of this will impact our existence.  The time frame here is unbelievably long and if renewal of one universe rises out if the ashes of another, like the ‘Phoenix’ then that is at the very least billions of years distant and well and truly shrouded in ‘mystery’.

Maybe science will eventually win out but I’ll stick with the ancients for the time being.  The mystery of it all sounds very good to me and wondering about it takes the weight off.  All the scientists in the world may be working on the puzzle but that doesn’t help me understand the period before the so called ‘Big Bang’.  I do know you can’t get something out of nothing (my bank account tells me that) so there had to be another universe before ours or next to ours or something like that.  Perhaps that onion effect they talk about over a beer wherever scientists meet.

Now, I’m no genius and have never claimed to be, I just look up and wonder and sometimes I question as now, but always I enjoy.  So now I say to you, if however we do have a genius in our ranks then please lay some up-to-date images of the ‘Big Bang’ before and after on us and send some to the people running the LHC, I’m sure they would be appreciative (just kidding)!  In the meantime I’ll just look in my trusty ‘Dobs’ and think of the mystery of the universe.

I’m going to leave this as I’m developing a headache and there’s absolutely no matter in there to go bang!

Keep looking up folks and I’ll see you out there one dark night.