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Townsville Astronomy Group Membership Benefits

Have a look at Outer Space - with Friends

Join the Townsville Astronomy Group - a club for people with enquiring minds

Benefits of membership

Benefits of membership

Learning and Support

Monthly meetings allow members to get together to solve problems, provide advice, plan activities, show off their equipment, and generally socialise. Expert speakers present on topics of practical (and sometimes more theoretical) interest.

Access to the club's loan telescopes

The Astronomy Group has a number of telescopes that are loaned to new members who don't have their own gear yet. Along with our Astronomy for Beginners courses, we make sure that new astronomers have a flying start.

Astronomical Adventures

Astronomical Adventures

The astronomy group regularly goes on evening and overnight expeditions to dark sites to get a better look at what is out there.

Every month (weather permitting) members assemble at Donnington Airport near Woodstock which is a dark site 30 minutes drive from Townsville.

Several times a year, we take our telescopes farther afield, camping overnight to get the best views of the early morning splendours.

Astronomy for Beginners Classes

Astronomy for Beginners Classes

Every month the club runs Astronomy for Beginners Classes to introduce new astronomers to their new hobby. Find out 

  1. What telescope to buy
  2. How to use it
  3. About the interesting things you can do with it
Junior astronomers

Junior astronomers

Townsville Astronomy Group looks after young people. Our junior astronomer programmes light the flames of curiosity, and can lead to a lifelong interest in Science.