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TOPIC: Astro-photography for the amateur to the advanced

Astro-photography for the amateur to the advanced 6 years 2 months ago #4484

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On a budget?
Found this guy in my travels, he has a website with everything for the amateur to the knowledgeable enthusiast into astro-photography or even landscape work.


He has emphasis with taking photos from a typical DSLR camera from a fixed tripod.
Very detailed information found in the contents tab of the navigation window.
Also has made his own freely available software to allow stacking, align (warp, shift etc).
Very basic GUI, reminiscent of a Windblows 95 interface and is cross-platform compatible because he programs with JAVA, so don't expect any bells and whistles.

Actually working with him over the last few days to fine tune a few aspects of his software, which I think does a perfect job (after tweaking a few settings) with aligning a stack of images (before merging them with his software or another) taken from a wide field camera lens like a 50mm prime on a fixed tripod.
For those that know me, I don't use the "perfect" very much :D

See you at Donnington tonight :D

EDIT...forgot to mention there is a new update to GRIP software that now allows opening of .FIT .FITS .FTS extensions :)
Download link can be found here:
That is a big plus, because we can use another software to capture the photos and GRIP software to align and stack without using large file sized .TIFF.
The FITS extension used by GRIP fully and only complies with the FITS used by NASA and is a universal standard.
If you're not sure your FITS files produced by another software is correct and not propriety to that software, check out:
Also don't need to worry about RAW incompatibility with GRIP such as .CR2 from the newer EOS cameraS, which means you can capture in RAW and convert to FITS (monochrome) IEEE floating point with other software and import into GRIP for ultimate processing without loss.
Remember the Bayer matrix has no interpolating in monochrome but retains the image colour information for later conversion in your workflow!!!
Also remember that the FITS files must have their IMAGETYP header in IRAF convention to display in GRIP software

Clear as mud :P
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